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COVID-19 Update 8/5: 8 new confirmed cases

August 5, 2020 News Extra

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According to Wednesday's report by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the state added 705 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 115,714 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Butler County added eight confirmed COVID-19 cases Wednesday, according to state reports. The county has had a total of 565 confirmed cases and 15 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Wednesday report also compared states and their need for PPE. The metric asked if nursing homes had a one-week supply of specified PPE. The report said of the 695 nursing homes in the state, 12 percent lacked N-95 masks, 9 percent lacked surgical masks and 11 percent lacked gowns.

As of Wednesday's state report, Butler County has had 14 long-term care facilities report cases of COVID-19, which has included 24 residents and 17 employees who contracted the virus. Three people have died due to COVID-19 infiltrating long-term care facilities.

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The following numbers on the coronavirus pandemic were compiled from regular news releases from the state Department of Health.

Wednesday's COVID-19 statistics:

Butler County

Confirmed cases: 573

Probable cases: 51

Negative tests: 13,293

Deaths: 15

Butler Memorial Hospital

Inpatients: 4

Suspected: 3

Confirmed: 1

ICU: 1

Total tests: 14,543

Outdoor tests: 5,399

Positive tests: 296

Clarion Hospital

Inpatients: 3

Suspected: 3

Confirmed: 0

ICU: 1

Total tests: 3,215

Outdoor tests: 2,404

Positive tests: 79


New cases: 705

Total cases: 115,714

New deaths: 12

Total deaths: 7,244

Recovered: 76 percent

Surrounding Counties

Allegheny: 8,281 confirmed cases; 115,534 negative; and 239 deaths

Armstrong: 195 confirmed; 3,993 negative; and 6 deaths

Beaver: 1,234 confirmed; 12,206 negative; and 89 deaths

Clarion: 74 confirmed; 1,918 negative; and 2 deaths

Lawrence: 309 confirmed; 5,109 negative; and 12 deaths

Mercer: 332 confirmed; 7,704 negative; and 9 deaths

Venango: 47 confirmed and 3,305 negative

Westmoreland: 1,437 confirmed; 30,307 negative; and 46 deaths

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