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Don’t berate those who choose to wear a mask


August 4, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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Recently I was in line at a local store when one of the customers loudly berated the cashier for wearing a mask. It was obvious that she wanted everyone in the store to hear her opinion that masks do nothing to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

To the cashier’s credit, she calmly told the lady that she was required to wear the mask to work and that she needed the job to pay her bills which seemed to diffuse the situation. I would like to point out some thoughts to those who find that wearing masks in public areas so distasteful.

First of all there is some truth that the majority of masks do not completely protect the spread of germs and the viruses are microscopic and can filter through. I would also like to point out that seat belts are not perfect, and that there are people who still die in car accidents despite wearing one. Despite this fact, you are much safer in a car with a seat belt on. Likewise, you are more safe to be in public with a mask on. The point is, that while not perfect, seat belts and masks reduce the risk of a catastrophic event.

The other point is that if I wear a mask and sneeze/cough it will catch the vast majority of the fluids/mucous that fly out of our nose and mouth. This will reduce the amount of potentially infective saliva that can make others sick. Even if wearing a mask does not prevent microscopic viruses from coming in your airways, it will reduce the likelihood of your disease(s) from being passed on to others. Think of it this way: My mask keeps you safe, and when you wear a mask it keeps me safe. To not wear a mask essentially means that my personal comfort is more important than the health and safety of those around you.

I realize that it is an inconvenience. The last I checked, the entire world is inconvenienced with COVID-19. Despite this I am sure that there will still be people who refuse to cover their face.

If you still refuse to wear a mask please do not berate or degrade those around you who chose to do so.

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