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Irene Schnur

July 8, 2020 In Memoriams

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Irene Schnur

In loving memory Irene Schnur

July 8th, 2004

On this 16th Anniversary of your death, how we wish you could be here to guide and protect us through life when things don’t go as we hoped they would. You taught us to believe and trust in God. The wisdom and knowledge you left us inspire in us the confidence we need to get through each day. Although you’re physically gone from us now, that close bond that unites our souls can never be severed.

We honor you in loving memory for the numerous sacrifices you made on our behalf and for all the things you did without so we could have a little more. You were never selfish, always loving and caring and always giving us your very best.

We are so grateful to God for having blessed us with your precious gifts.

Thanks Mom for bringing so much joy, love and happiness into our lives. Please watch over us and guide us on the right path through life.


Your Family

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