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July 2, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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The June 23 Butler Eagle had a story “Township man saves suspect from drowning.”

On May 20, Nathaniel Rhodaberger left his job of working for Pennsylvania American Water Co. to save a man from drowning in the Allegheny River near Kittanning. The article included a picture of Rhodaberger with his beautiful, growing family.

It was a reminder of our police officers leaving their families every day to keep the rest of us safe.

The old saying: If you can’t be an asset, don’t be a liability, would make the world a better place to live.

The same Butler Eagle had more good news.

A neighbor hears his neighbor calling for help after he was trapped under his overturned lawn mower in a creek. Again, a picture showed neighbors pulling the lawn mover up out of the creek.

More good news.

A girl’s wish for a school bus ride comes true. Friends of Olivia Bartholomew, who suffers from a rare disease, came together to make her wish come true. It was also good to see Keith Barholomew being a good father and being there for Olivia.

We just had Father’s Day, and the world would be a better place to live if all fathers would live up to their responsibilities and set a good example of being loving, caring and law abiding citizent.

Thank you Butler Eagle for your good news stories.

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