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State's pandemic numbers dip amid worries about Pittsburgh

June 29, 2020 News Extra

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Butler County numbers down slightly, Allegheny County bars banned from serving on-site alcohol

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania reported 492 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and eight deaths on Monday and 505 cases and three deaths on Sunday, slight drops that come as concerns about rising infections nationally has officials scrutinizing the numbers to look for trends.

The Health Department's figures from Friday and Saturday were around 600 new confirmed cases and 22 and 24 deaths, respectively.

Pennsylvania has so far had nearly 86,000 confirmed infections and 6,614 deaths.

Locally, Butler County saw an increase of 18 confirmed cases over the weekend, going from 252 on Friday to 270 as of Monday.

Butler Health System also reported Monday that six patients were being treated at Butler Memorial Hospital, a slight drop from the eight patients reportedly being treated heading into the weekend on Friday. Of the six, four are suspected cases of COVID-19, while the other two are confirmed cases with one listed in the ICU.

The number of infections is thought to be far higher than the state's confirmed case count because many people have not been tested, and studies suggest people can be infected without feeling sick.

The final two counties in the state, Philadelphia and Lebanon, will be moved to the least restrictive "green" zone in Gov. Tom Wolf's color-coded reopening system on Friday.

There has been particular focus on the disease's spread in Allegheny County, home to the city of Pittsburgh, where officials will stopping on-site consumption of alcohol in bars and restaurants as of 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The move is in response to what they have described as an alarming increase in infections, largely among younger people.

Allegheny County is home to 1.2 million people and is the state's second most-populated county behind Philadelphia.

Butler Eagle staff contributed to this report.

The following numbers on the coronavirus pandemic were compiled from the regular news releases from the state Department of Health and Butler Health System. Monday's COVID-19 statistics:

Butler County

Confirmed cases: 270

Probable cases: 32

Negative tests: 6,499

Deaths: 13


Total cases: 85,988

Total deaths: 6,614

Negative tests: 666,901

Recovered: 78 percent

Butler Memorial Hospital

Inpatients: 6

Suspected: 4

Confirmed: 2

ICU: 1

Total tests: 8,339

Outdoor tests: 3,512

Positive tests: 259

Clarion Hospital

Inpatients: 0

Suspected: 0

Confirmed: 0

ICU: 0

Total tests: 1,531

Outdoor tests: 1,019

Positive tests: 40

Surrounding Counties

Allegheny: 2,508 confirmed cases; 53,567 negative; and 183 deaths

Armstrong: 73 confirmed; 2,024 negative; and 6 deaths

Beaver: 631 confirmed; 6,089 negative; and 78 deaths

Clarion: 34 confirmed; 942 negative; and 2 deaths

Lawrence: 89 confirmed; 2,580 negative; and 9 deaths

Mercer: 115 confirmed; 3,996 negative; and 6 deaths

Venango: 15 confirmed and 1,130 negative

Westmoreland: 615 confirmed; 17,130 negative; and 38 deaths.

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