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Fears over Zelienople protest misplaced


June 27, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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A recent Eagle editorial page featured an article written by a distraught protester.

I don’t understand the irrational fear of an armed citizen at the Zelienople “Moment of silence protest” last Wednesday. The writer claims that the citizen “tried to scare our community from positive change and peacefully expressing our freedom of speech by his intimidating right to bear arms.”

Oh please.

“Tears were shed, families were scared ... this occurrence was terrifying ... ”

Seriously, that writer needs to examine her irrational fears. “The man carrying two guns through our moment of silence walked directly over to the four Zelienople police officers, who thankfully had the situation under control and kept the protesters safe.”

Safe from what? A law-abiding citizen exercising his constitutional rights? And obviously on the same side as the law enforcement officers.

Your fears are sadly misplaced.

Phil Kriley, Renfrew

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