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Pelosi pathetic at State of the Union


February 19, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and deserves respect while holding the highest position in the land, commander in chief.

He gave an amazing, touching, heartfelt State of the Union address, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to rip up a copy of his address on national television in front of millions of Americans.

Let’s talk about being offended. I was highly offended that a woman in her position would behave like she did and be completely free of consequences for her actions. Her behavior during the address was pathetic, mumbling under her breath, blatantly disregarding all of the presidents accomplishments.

She couldn’t even acknowledge his guests like 100 year old, Tuskegee Airman Brigadier General Charles McGee for example.

Where’s the respect, where’s the PATRIOTISM?? Pelosi claims to be a God-fearing Catholic?

No religion promotes such hatred, defiance and complete lack of respect for others.

She showed the true face of a loser. Petty, pouting and downright PATHETIC Nancy Pelosi

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