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Don’t call Lt. Col. Vindman a hero


February 15, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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When Joe Biden called ex Lt. Col. Vindman a hero then asked the audience to stand up and give Vindman a standing ovation, I simply lost it! I’ve got family who gave their lives for our country and I’m supposed to sit back and watch Pelosi and Biden call this betraying backstabber vermin a hero?

Vindman was described by his fellow Army Rangers as someone “YOU CAN’T TRUST!” This statement was made by brave men who trained with him before he was appointed a White House adviser. I being a soldier, had a few Rangers train me. We know what the military code instructs us to do if you have a complaint about your superior officer.

In Vindman’s case, his complaint was leveled at his commanding officer, President Donald J. Trump. Vindman knows the code but chose to go behind the president’s back. If you’re a soldier you go thorough the proper chain of command not short-cut that code and go public.

The only time you betray your superior officer while serving his or her’s country is when that officer orders you to directly harm innocent U.S. civilians or orders you to voluntarily harm those you serve or orders you to join with the ranks of the enemy on the battlefield.

Withholding foreign aid for either political and/or for national security doesn’t even remotely resemble those premises to betray a superior officer, especially if that officer is the president.

If Vindman thought what he overheard was treasonous in nature, like any trusted soldier, Vindman should’ve have asked the president to relieve him of duty and then promptly submit a complaint through the proper military channels. Going public bragging about what courage it took to accuse our president of being a threat to our nation was a despicable act. An act of treachery without tangible evidence specific to those accusations.

After Vindman pulled this stunt, he should have been arrested by MPs, charged and incarcerated. Vindman should’ve been put through a court-martial and sentenced to many years in Leavenworth Prison.

Comparing Vindman to Rush Limbaugh is oxymoron. Biden said Vindman deserved the Metal of Freedom not Limbaugh. Limbaugh never betrayed a president or accused a duly elected president of treason. He spent the last 30 years devoted to political debate on public radio. Rush deserved the distinction of being given the Medal of Freedom! Rush Limbaugh channeled more than $4-million to a charity that provides scholarship aid to the children of Marines killed in Iraq. What has Vindman done to define his heroism?

A Purple Heart and a officer’s uniform doesn’t necessary make you a decorated celebrated hero.

Character and the deeds you perform on a daily basis and most importantly, the recognition from your brothers and sisters who you serve with, award you the distinction of being a hero. Not the media and certainly not bipartisan politicians!

If you stand up and cheer the treasonous acts of a bragger and leaker like Vindman, I consider you extremely disillusioned about what it takes to be a hero. If you don’t know the difference between a betraying informer and a hero, you should enlist and get enlightened.

George Pikoulas, Butler

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