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“Arctic blast” to hit the county, single digit temperatures possible

February 13, 2020 News Extra

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Butler County residents will experience an “arctic blast” that is expected to hit the county in the next several days, bringing possible single digit temperatures, according to weather forecasts.

“Compared to this mild winter we've had, it will be colder for the region but not too out of the normal with what we've seen in previous years,” said Jason Frazier, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Thursday's “snow showers” will create slick road conditions in the evening as a cold front moves in bringing low temperatures around 14 degrees.

“There will be moisture on the ground, there'll be slick spots. Low visibility will be a problem too,” Frazier said. “That could create some issues for people traveling tonight and tomorrow.”

For the next two days, Frazier said, there won't be much new snow. On Thursday night, new snow accumulation might be less than a half inch, according to forecasts. And on Friday, there's only a slight chance of precipitation.

Friday's temperatures will continue to drop with highs expected to reach only the upper teens during the day. The lowest temperatures will hit Friday night where it could drop into the single digits.

“Fortunately there won't be much wind. It won't feel overly cold,” Frazier said.

With the snow fall from Wednesday night, crews with the Pennsylvania Transportation Department were out treating roads with salt, leaving residual salt on the roads into Thursday and Friday.

Tim Mebgen, a department spokesman, suggested drivers stay off the road if they have a choice Friday. For those who must venture out, Mebgen suggested checking with the 511 webpage to check road conditions. Mebgen also advised drivers to increase the space of vehicles in front of them.

But the cold won't linger, Frazier said. Saturday will bring temperatures back up to around 35 degrees and that climb will continue Sunday with an expected high of around 39 degrees.

“While people might see this cold coming in, it won't stay around,” Frazier said. “So it's a little bit of an arctic blast it's not staying around for long at all.”

And if certain weather systems align just right, Frazier said, next week could bring temperatures nearing the 50s.

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