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School board approves incentive plan, hopes to reduce subs

Approval still needed by South Butler teacher’s union

January 16, 2020 Digital Media Exclusive

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JEFFERSON TWP — An incentive aimed at reducing the number of substitute teachers required in South Butler County School District is set to begin Jan. 21, which marks the start of the second semester. However, the district’s teacher’s union has yet to approve the measure.

The school board at its Wednesday night meeting voted unanimously to approve a memorandum of understanding with the South Butler County School District Education Association, which means the “wellness incentive” recommended by Superintendent David Foley is an official program.

The wellness incentive is in response to the district’s difficulty getting enough substitute teachers in its four schools.

The wellness incentive will pay each teacher a $500 bonus at the end of the year if they do not take any of their 10 sick days off between Jan. 21 and the last day of school.

The board has discussed teachers coming to school sick and other potential problems with the program, but believe it is the best way to alleviate the teacher shortage.

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