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Sentence for abuser not harsh enough


December 13, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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There was an article in the Butler Eagle on Nov. 18 stating ”there is no room in our society for abuse of elderly.”

So one of our county judges sentenced the abuser to two years probation. We really fixed him. The man abused a person with the capabilities of a 2-year old. You should be ashamed of yourself; how do you sleep at night? Too bad it wasn’t one of your family members.

Replace these judges with a box, pick one, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, probation, time served or plea bargain. The only benches you guys should be sitting on are in Diamond Park.

This case was just sure common sense for justice. Maybe if you haven’t noticed, there is a big building behind the courthouse. I think is says prison.

Jim Harff, Butler Township

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