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Loss of Polk Center would be irreplacable


December 7, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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I have been in both personal and official contact with elected officials and close friends regarding the Polk Center issue.

Please be advised that every effort and all resources need to be applied to keep this and other state centers open to the public.

I have been in public education for 50-plus years and the greatest insult and failure to our national educational system was Jimmy Carter’s DOE in 1978.

Mainstreaming and subjecting individuals with serious and substantial disabilities to regular programs and facilities is a very abusive and damaging process.

Everyone being treated the same may look, and sound equal and honest, but the results are less-than rewarding. Halfway-houses, out-patient clinics, and neighborhood housing facilities only subject the very delicate of our society, and the most-in-need to the unfortunate brutality of mankind.

Polk and White Haven can be strengthened and better utilized by bringing in a larger patient base and utilizing the many current programs — and those yet established and/or retired, back into the facilities curriculum.

Polk is a treasured landmark, one that has served Pennsylvania with great pride and humility. The loss of a facility with such a beautiful campus and environs would be, and will be, irreplaceable. We need it; We have it; We desire it; We need to cherish it ... and KEEP IT!

Everyone, please engage your efforts to help rescue this historic establishment.

Karl E. Sparn Jr., Slippery Rock

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