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Good, bad sides to Sunday hunting


December 5, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Is Sunday hunting good or bad?

The good side is hunters will have more days to hunt, especially those who only have Saturday and Sundays off from work. This may bring more young people into the sport. Also the game commission will make more revenue.

The bad side is bird watchers, hikers, four-wheelers, bike riders and horse riders, will lose days for their sport.

Farmers are going to now post their property. That means a large area of the state will no longer be open to hunting. This means hunters will gather in some areas. This will increase the possibility for more accidents to occur when any area becomes too crowded.

Pennsylvania had a trespass law. Now we have two trespass laws. The new one is hunters must have written permission to hunt on private property. This looks like a moneymaker.

Sundays are for church, family and football, not having to chase hunters off their property. Let the animals have a day of rest.

William Stein, Butler

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