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Who is protecting us from the next flood?


November 12, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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On May 28, 2019, Zelienople, Harmony and Jackson tragically experienced the third major flood In the past 50 years. Millions of dollars in damage again and again.

Who is protecting us from the next flood?

Not the Butler County government.

The 2019 county budget is $65 million. Flood control is allotted $13,500 or 0.02 percent.

Is the $321,000 a year Planning Commission going to help?

Not a chance. They would rather fight us than help.

Does Butler County have a comprehensive flood mitigation plan? What exactly is the Planning Commission planning?

The Planning Commission claims it has no power, or it is just unwilling to help our communities.

Is the Butler County Conservation District helping? The county is giving it $120,000, but it has no power to enforce state flooding laws.

The commissioners have a $750,000 budget but won’t get involved.

IT, Assessment, and Construction get about $1 million each. The Mapping Department gets $268,000. The county budgets $6.5 million for contributions (check this out on the Butler County website).

Flooded communities get nothing but spun, and what is worse, Butler County government allowed the floodplain, to be filled, dams removed and worst of all, the measly $13,500 they budgeted for flood control was to allow water to rush into historic Harmony faster.

James E Hulings, Harmony

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