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October 21, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Despite the Mars Community Change (MCC) slate's grumblings, the reporting of facts isn't negative, personal, or partisan.

The facts may be locally inconvenient for the united far-left slate of Mars School Board candidates — Lenz, Sommers, Neurohr, Roda, and Ceasar — but, nonetheless, are true.

Here are publicly available facts (as sourced from MCC's financial reports) that voters should know before casting their votes for Mars School Board candidates.

- MCC hired and paid Deliver Strategies (www.deliverstrategies.com) for “yard signs/literature.“ This Virginia-based marketing firm is a “progressive direct mail and communications consultancy firm” for national and state-level liberal candidates (Obama, Clinton) and organizations (Planned Parenthood, Unions) … and, oddly, for a local school board race in Mars.

- Deliver Strategies offers political writing, design and advanced analytics, not printing. As such, one doesn't “accidently” stumble across this high-powered activist firm for “bargain” printing services, which is MCC's hollow justification for the campaign affiliation.

- In-kind donations (or services provided for free) are considered contibutions. A simple internet search of the cited Bryant Street work address of one of the in-kind contributors leads to Sequal Consulting (www.sequalconsulting.com). Sequal Consulting's website promotes, “Leveling the Playing Field — Progressive Values, Creative Communications, Smart Technology.” The Pittsburgh-based political marketing firm's co-founder worked on MCC's campaign.

Interestingly, these same progressive marketing firms have ties to the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Keystone Progress/Progress Now, and The Center for America Progress/Why Courts Matter PA, all of which are featured on MCC candidate John Neurohr's professional resume. Also, he serves on the board of the “Vision for a Better Community” PAC, which strives to unseat elected conservative officials who serve Butler County.

Consistently, MCC candidates and spouses proudly posed with PA Progress reps, who represent “likeminded progressive constituents,” at the primary election polls in May. Those pictures were circulated on social media.

The Mars Community Change campaign is fueled by progressive policies, advocates, and expertise, seeking a ruling majority on the Mars School Board. They are working very hard to convince you that their philosophical beliefs and funding sources don't really matter in a school board election. I disagree.

If it matters to you too, please vote for conservative Mars school board candidates John Kennedy, Sallie Wick, Kevin Hagen, and Anthony DePretis on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Jim Powers, Valencia

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