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Trump going above, beyond call of duty


October 15, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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I don’t care if Donald Trump has an in-your-face-New York-style demeanor that rips his opponents a new one.

I don’t care that Trump had a reputation for being a womanizer who often has been in relationships with glamorous high-priced models and even woman with questionable sexual proclivities.

I don’t care he’s a billionaire who has somehow paid little or no income taxes. I certainly don’t care if he has a weird hair-do or has a pudgy physique. I simply don’t care about all that.

What I do care about is what Trump is now.

Trump is now a loyal husband to Melania and good father to his sons. Trump is fighting late-term abortions and partial-birth abortions. Trump is loyal to Israel and defends all religions. His economic policies are creating jobs and increasing personal income at a rate we’ve haven’t seen since the Reagan era.

He’s resurrected our status as the No. 1 military in the world. He’s stopped other nations from ripping us off in foreign trade such as food, pharmaceuticals, energy, steel production and manufacturing.

Trump is exposing the criminal hypocrisy and embedded corruption that has permeated our government for over 50 years. He’s diligently defending our borders, stopping drugs and human trafficking. Trump is defending not tearing down or ignoring our constitutional tenets as claimed by the impeachment-obsessed-Democrat Party.

Not since the era before Kennedy, have we’ve had a president whose only motives is to defend and protect us. Trump is vigilantly and valiantly attempting to deliver every single promise that he offered us before we voted him into office.

Despite the efforts of an entire political party obsessed to destroy him, President Trump won’t surrender to hate mongers.

I certainly care about what the Democrats have morphed into. They no longer represent all the people. To put it simply, they’re a party that seeks revenge from half the voters who rejected their political cronyism and thuggery.

In 2016 we rejected their coronated queen Hillary Clinton, and now they want us to sit by and watch them impeach and remove Trump from office. Sorry Dems, it ain’t going to happen. We the people will rise up and end your reign of political chaos.

I don’t care if I wake up tomorrow and the entire Democratic Party and its radical cronies suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. The Democratic Party is no longer a legitimate part of our legislative process. It’s nothing more than a Marxist style revolutionary army conducting a silent coup to topple a duly elected commander in chief. The Democratic Party is determined to erase your votes, your rights, your personal beliefs, your wealth, traditions and values that hardworking-God-fearing-tax-paying-patriotic-American “citizens” so dearly embrace and protect.

I don’t care if you hate Trump.

President Donald J Trump is going above and beyond the call of duty.

That’s what I care about.

George Pikoulas, Butler

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