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Trump has accomplished more than he gets credit for


October 12, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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In reference to David McCandless letter, Oct. 3, concerning Trump hating editorials from the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN News Network, I agree.

Where are the conservative Republican opinions on the other side to balance this out?

Butler County has been historically Republican conservative one.

I bypass the editorial page because I know what the columns are going to say just by looking at the writers name.

Even the political cartoon is slanted or mocking President Trump. I fail to see any humor.

Impeachment? When the Democrats are guilty of the very accusations. Obama, H. Clinton. Biden.

Impeachment of Judge Kavanaugh? After what we have learned about what they tried to do? And did.

Impeachment of Attorney General Barr? The Dems will stop at nothing!

The other side are the losers. Time to move on. Maybe we will be a Green Deal, social society someday.

Free stuff for every one at taxpayers’ expense! Maybe, but hopefully with an honest vote.

The two an one-half years of the Russian debacle. Now the Ukraine accusation. More wasted time and money!

President Trump has had: (1) record highs on Wall Street, (2) lowest unemployment levels, (3) tax breaks for all levels of incomes, (4) domestic energy production, not only lowering our prices at home, but now an exporter of it, (5) NATO countries now trying to pay their own fare share for their own protection, (6) The U.S.A. has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel where our embassy now is. Previous presidents promised this, but never followed through, (7) the Southern border wall will help keep out drug and sex traffic and MS-13 gangs, (8) keeping a nuclear weapon out of Irans control, (9) trying to get the terrible tariff balanced from other nations to stop financial deficits to our nation. ALL this in two and one-half years!

President Donald Trump has a businessman’s background. Not a politician. He knows no business can remain if it is run as our government has. Time to clean the swamp! All blame on Trump? No. Obama increased the debt by $9 trillion just in his two terms, more than any other president combined. More big government. Socialism will be more big government.

Love to see more conservative ideals, and less of the police blotter in the B. E. , even though that is news, it doesn’t concern a lot of Butler County readers.and taxpaying voters.

Just my opinion in this still free republic. Thank you.

John Dollar, Butler

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