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Vanasdale slinging mud


October 12, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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We found Jennifer Vanasdale.

She is running as a write-in candidate, which is her right to do so.

Mr Vanasdale wrote a letter (stating here is the truth) in The Eagle.

Well what I got out of the letter was how much money she spent. It was looking to me like she was looking for a fundraiser or donations to cover her loss.

Well, when you start spending, you should know how much is being spent and when to stop.

As for leaving a condo to a ranch home in Cranberry Township, well that’s your business, not the public’s.

Also, as I drove through Butler one day, I saw a banner hanging from your office building saying “don’t get hoodwinked). It was very distasteful. To me, that’s mudslinging.

Dennis Matson

Butler Township

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