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Officials: No signs of bed bugs at Butler high

September 20, 2019 News Extra

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A pest control company checked Butler Senior High School Thursday evening and found no signs of bed bugs.

John Wyllie, school principal, sent a follow-up email to parents Friday after previously sending word that a student thought they found a bed bug. The school brought in the pest control company Orkin Thursday night, Wyllie wrote.

Orkin's report on the room where the bug was found, Wyllie wrote, reads: “Inspection for bed bugs. No activity found. Inspected all desks, chairs and floor. No UV activity. No skins, eggs or fecal marks.”

The company checked other classrooms, according to Wyllie, and found no signs of the pest.

On Wednesday, a student at the high school found an insect they believed to be a bed bug. The room was cleaned and treated by maintenance staff.

Wyllie is instructing students who see some sign of a bug infestation to report it to a teacher.

Last September, bed bugs were found in a classroom at Mars Area High School.

Earlier this week, the pests were spotted in the Clairton City School District in Allegheny County.

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