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Lesson of the Golden Rule sorely needed


September 10, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Let us take a look at where this country stands today.

We have 1) frequent mass shootings, 2) Human trafficking (ie. slavery), 3) pharmaceuticals’ instigation of an opioid epidemic, 4) an almost exponential growth in gambling, 5) corporate and political corruption, 6) a biased media out to promote its agenda, 7) neglect and abuse of our elderly, children and pets 8) intimidation and bullying of the poor, weak and those perceived to be different.

One might say we are progressing or regressing, down the slippery slope or moral decay. Don’t be too surprised, this phenomenon has occurred to many nations over recorded history. It brings to mind the saying, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Yes, technology advances, but how little human mentality has changed over the eon of the human race.

I recall another saying, “divide and conquer.” Well, we are certainly divided in this country, and ripe to be conquered, thanks to our leaders. You may laugh, but there are other ways a nation can fall without a physical war. The United States’ demise will most likely be a combination of the loss of borders and language, outside subversion, and economic collapse. The average democracy exists roughly two hundred years, and we are following the same path to downfall that the Roman Empire traversed.

Time Magazine, in April 1966, asked on its front cover, “Is God Dead?” In one man’s lifetime since his perceived burial, I’ve seen the extreme pursuit of wealth and social status, at all costs, replace the virtue of having an upright and moral character. In the end, a person is most remembered for their character. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are multitudes of good, honest people, who live to help others in order to make this world a better place. The only thing is that they are being overshadowed by the spectre of greed, apathy and hatred.

How can we continue to expose our children to this insane chaos that goes on every day? The primary responsibility belongs to the parents. The public schools could help more as well. The schools of our kids educate them about the teachings from various great scholars and philosophers (at least they used to) except one.

The teachings of the man Jesus are basically banned due to the perversion of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution by some. His lessons regarding the Golden Rule, loving one another, peace, humility, and being a servant to others to the point of laying down one’s own life is sorely needed these days. In doing so, we may be able to subdue to a great extent the disease called sin.

David K. Breckenridge


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