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Parents frustrated after students stranded at Butler bus stop

September 6, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

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A group of Butler parents is frustrated after their children were stranded at a canceled bus stop on Thursday.

“It's after 9 (a.m.), and there's no bus,” said Whitney Kerry-Cousins, a parent of an elementary school student.

The children had been picked up at the spot since the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Parents said they weren't told of the change beforehand.

Kerry-Cousins said last year she and other parents asked for a change to their children's bus stop, which was on Lincoln Avenue near Eola Street and near the Center Avenue Community School.

“Our main thing is the safety of kids, and leaving at 8 in the morning and hitting all the traffic at Monroe and Center Avenue, it's so bad there.”

When the dust settled, the parents were told by the district's transportation department that the stop was changed for safety reasons, according to the parents.

Butler Superintendent Brian White confirmed on Friday that the stop was changed, but he doesn't know how it happened.

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