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State fortunate to have virtual medical visits


August 14, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

Small medical issues come up all the time, and the increased availability of walk-in clinics has already helped patients receive quick and efficient treatment.

As with anything though, we must continue to improve and the next step in the delivery of health care will be available later this year in Pennsylvania — virtual visits.

This new offering called the MinuteClinic Virtual Visit allows people to use their mobile phones or a computer to get treatment for minor conditions such as sore throats, upset stomachs, earaches, etc.

More efficient delivery of medical treatment means less time out-of-office for employees and less time away from school for our students.

I’m excited that we will have a new option for receiving treatment more quickly. Good for our long-term health and professional lives as we spend less time on out-of-office or school doctors visits.

CVS started testing this method of health care delivery about a year ago, launching it in nine states across the country.

During the testing period, it learned that over 90 percent of the patients who opted to access health care through tele-health services were “highly satisfied” with the overall experience and the care they received.

It’s easy to use, patients just need to complete a health questionnaire before the session and then they are matched to a board-certified health care provider who is licensed in PA.

If a prescription is needed to address the health concern, it’s submitted to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. There’s no time limit on the telehealth visit and if an in-person follow up is needed, the service can help find an appropriate provider.

We are fortunate to be joining the 26 states where this service will be available, because not only is it more convenient, being able to treat minor health issues quicker is better for the long-term health of our residents


Rebecca Dickey


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