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Stolen debit card suspect signs receipt as “Thief”

August 9, 2019 News Extra

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Marc Latimore of Penn Township, charged with stealing, using debit card to by beer, cigs and cell phone in Butler.

UPDATE 8/14/2019: Butler police withdrew the charges listed below against Marc Latimore on August 12. Police say Latimore was falsely accused of crimes, which he didn't commit when another man gave Latimore's name during the investigation. Read the full update to this article excerpt here.

It could go down as the shortest written confession on record.

Butler police said a man suspected of stealing a debit card later used it to buy beer, cigarettes and a cell phone, signing the sales receipts as “Thief.”

The suspected signer, Marc A. Latimore, 28, of Penn Township, is facing eight charges in the case earlier this week.Capt. Ben Spangler said a 28-year-old woman told police Tuesday that she had given a man a ride home in the early morning Monday after leaving a bar.

She had her purse in the center console when she picked him up. But it wasn't until later that day that she discovered the purse missing.

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