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May 20, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Joy on 2 wheels

The bicycle rodeo: What a treasure! What a gift! Pure joy!

Volunteers working together to bring happiness to a child.

No anger, no police reports, no drugs, no violence. Just smiles, smiles and a grateful heart.

Dennis Offstein and your faithful band of volunteers: this was the best one yet. The Butler Eagle article made my heart happy. Thank you.

Carrie H. Butler Saxonburg

High-flying hypocrites

The politicians running for president in 2020 have made global warming a main plank in their political platform.

Then why do they travel the country on private jets or tour buses? If they are as concerned about this global issue, why not run your campaign on social media? It would make their agenda more believable.

Global warming is a global issue, but I don't think the American people are ready to restrain themselves to what is going to make a measurable difference.

Robert Tirk Venango Township

Never improved

I have lived in Valencia for 22 years. Three Degree Road has never improved. Now the state wants to turn it over to Penn Township.

The state with all its men and equipment could have paved that road a half dozen times in the last 20 years instead of the pothole riddled road it has become. I am not talking about spending $6 million. They have the manpower to at least put a drivable surface over the top of the existing asphalt.

Is this the best we have now?

The Eagle reports the deal for completion is years away. For years they have talked about the school improvements and how it would have an effect on that road, so for the last 10 years they kept letting it fall apart.

This is a disgrace. And look at how they patched it, and they are to be called professionals.

E.G. Jenkins Mars

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