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Jury duty selection process to be modernized

May 17, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

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Pictured is what prospective jurors will receive in the mail under the new, modernized system.

The aggravations of jury duty will be slightly lessened starting this summer when the county rolls out a modernized system.

The civic duty is getting a modern restructuring in June, when people who are selected will be able to complete the process online or on their smartphones. Currently, people who are selected for jury duty receive a letter in the mail that is indistinguishable from other letters, such as bills or advertisement promotions. Under the new system, people will receive a postcardlike notification with one side blazed in yellow with the words “official juror notification,” so that people won't miss it. For those who don't opt into the new system, the old method will still apply with mail notifications.

This is an excerpt — read about how the system works in Sunday's Butler Eagle.

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