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Bicycle Rodeo back in town, local business owner to give away bikes to children

April 25, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

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Denny Offstein of Denny Offstein Auto Sales looks out at his collection of used bikes for this year's Bike Rodeo.

Surrounded by a maze of more than 300 used bicycles in his yard, local businessman Denny Offstein is gearing up for a Bicycle Rodeo next month.

“Each bike has a story,” Offstein said. “This event is going to be the best bicycle rodeo I’ve ever had.

After taking a year off, plans are underway for this year’s bike rodeo at the Butler City Farmer’s Market on Chestnut Street. Offstein started the event over two decades ago and hopes to give away more than 300 bikes to local youth this year.

“All kids in the city are welcome,” Offstein said, adding that the Sunday event is open to all Butler children between the ages of 5 and 15 years old.

Offstein said there is much work to be done before the May 5th rodeo, and that he is looking for volunteers to help fix the bike. Many of the donated used bikes have brakes that are locked or other issues that need to be fixed. He also hopes to paint some of the bikes.

This is an excerpt — read more about this year’s Bicycle Rodeo in Friday’s Butler Eagle.

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