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Pushing a carbon tax


April 23, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Kudos to the author of the April 19 AP article (“U.S. energy use surges despite climate threat,” Page 7)for reminding us that we’re running out of time to stave off the harshest effects of climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels. A heating planet causes increased demand for air conditioning, and therefore electricity, in a self-reinforcing cycle that will only keep making matters worse unless we all take action.

The bad news: natural gas use in power plants increased 15% from 2017. The good news not mentioned: over 70% of new power generation in 2017 actually came from wind turbines and solar photovoltaic systems. As noted in research by Lazar Management and Morgan Stanley (among others) fossil fuels including natural gas can no longer economically compete with renewable energy for new power generation.

However, we still need to provide even greater incentives to reduce our fossil fuel use by conserving energy, using renewable power sources and driving electric vehicles.

Fortunately, such a program already exists, one that also creates good-paying new jobs, benefits our economy and puts extra dollars in blue collar and service industry workers’ pockets. But it needs our support to become law. Check out the bipartisan Energy Innovation AND Carbon Dividend Act at www.energyinnovationact.org, then call your local representatives to make your voice heard!

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