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April 18, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Justice delayed

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Blue pinwheels placed in front of homes and businesses make all those aware of child abuse in this country. Yet, pedophiles, rapists and those who physically abuse children are protected by courts.

A case in Butler County is a prime example. A man was arrested in 2018 for sexually abusing a boy. The man was released on bail. Since then his case has been continued five times. The boy has been ready to testify, only to be told five times the case is continued.

This plays out every day in this country. Expensive defense lawyers play this game of continuing cases so eventually the accuser will give up trying to get justice for the pedophile’s crimes. The accused pedophile is still out living in the area, going about his life as if he is untouchable due to the rules of the court system, then will move to another part of the country to start his abuse all over again with another unsuspecting victim.

Prevention is only the start. The courts need to change the rules regarding an accused pedophile and how long they can drag out their day in court. If a man or woman is innocent, they would want to have their day in court to prove their innocence and move on with their lives. The guilty will do all they can to drag out their day to prevent the inevitable consequences of their actions.

Shari Kreutz Slippery Rock

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