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Our BMH ‘Brigadoon’


April 12, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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In Scotland we were introduced to the legend of Brigadoon, a tale of two American tourists who stumble upon a magical village that appears for only one day every 100 years. The movie did the legend justice.

On Monday night, Kathy and I stumbled upon such a magical place at Butler Memorial Hospital After entry, check-in and the usual blood pressure check and other vitals being taken, we walked into the magical village, or so it seemed. The waiting room was as if we had moved from coach to first class. The staff went above and beyond, including supplying pillows and blankets to those who felt a chill. Out of the back, by the coffee machine came versions of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Their emergency needs not obvious as they glided toward the doors that led to the examination rooms. The nurses and other staff treated all with the same respect, as if the word “care” followed “health.” It truly was magical, as even a second BP check proved the magic worked, as it was much lower than the first.

Although the wait was long because so many had to be triaged, it was much more pleasant than taking a coach to Orlando to visit that Magical Kingdom. When our name was called, we too glided into the treatment den, where even more magic was in store. Instead of the expected shuffle between different departments to increase cost, all was handled by attentive listening and good treatment with a realistic exit strategy.

Rather than name the doctors and other staff, who were to a man and woman professional beyond the call of duty, Kathy wonders: will the treatment be similar if we dare a second visit over time, or had we simply stumbled on a modern-day Brigadoon, that only occurs one day every 100 years? Who can know?

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