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Man found guilty of defiant trespass at police station

March 19, 2019 News Extra

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As it turns out, you can overstay your welcome at a police station.

A jury found Aaron T. Moyers, 41, of Mars guilty Tuesday of defiantly trespassing at Butler City's police station on May 2. And Judge Timothy McCune, who oversaw the trial, ruled that Moyers was guilty of public drunkenness.

Stabbed, drugged and wearing nothing but a blood stained hospital gown, Moyers turned up at Butler City's police station saying that he wanted to report his car stolen. But Sgt. Dave Villotti — who had encountered Moyers earlier in the day at Butler Memorial Hospital — told him that his car wasn't stolen, it was in his wife's possession. He then told Moyers to leave and turned around to leave Moyers at the entrance of the police station.

“Finally, I said you need to leave, go back to your apartment,” Villotti said. “And I turned around to leave, and before the door closed, he pressed the emergency button we have when no one is at the front door. He started yelling about his car being stolen and I told him he was under arrest. He immediately dropped to the ground, dead weight. We needed three officers to arrest him, and up close I noticed his pupils were dilated and determined he was under the influence of opiates.”

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