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It’s not the name


March 19, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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I have lived in the South Butler County School District for over 50 years and my husband has lived here for almost 73 years.

Superintendent David Foley has been in this school district since Jan. 15, 2018. I am in agreement with Foley, the district’s highest priority should be its academic programs. It is not necessary to change the name of our district to achieve this priority. Changing the name is an enormous waste of our dollars. The money be better used to hire more teachers or support staff to enrich our children’s education.

Why are employees and parents still bringing up negative issues in the district’s past? This question needs to be answered. We need to get to the root of the problem or problems, address them, and only then can we move forward.

Changing South Butler County School District to Knoch will do nothing to improve the morale. That will not change the past. A name change is like putting a bandage on a compound fracture and expect a good outcome.

We need to get South Butler County School District back to where it was not so many years ago. Families wanted to move into this district because of the teachers and the education.

What happened? The district somehow lost its way. Where is the respect these dedicated, professional teachers deserve?

Until the administration and school board can take some responsibility for what happened, no name changing will correct the problem. We must look at our past and learn from it so we don’t repeat history.

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