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Stop special treatment


March 18, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Regarding the racist poster issue at Slippery Rock University. What was published was that someone had the audacity to line out the word “Black” on a Black History Month poster and write in the word “All.” Supposedly there were other words of a truly racist nature that were not released. That is unacceptable, and if found the student should be expelled.

I remember such an incident at Slippery Rock when I was a student there in the ’70s. Racist posters also appeared on campus and the hunt was on for the white malcontent. A couple of weeks later a witness came forward and the culprit was discovered. He was a black affirmation action student from Philadelphia. When asked why he did it, he stated that he just “wanted to stir the ...” The issue was immediately hushed up and life went back to normal.

From Tawana Brawley (1971) to the Duke Lacrosse stripper case (2006) to Jussie Smollett (last month), we have seen these false flag operations played out. The words All Lives Matter is the appropriate statement; all black, white, brown, yellow, and unborn lives matter. We all are precious in His sight.

If you want to truly end racism stop making one group of people special. Stop Black History month, black studies, black student unions, black sororities and fraternities, and most of all affirmative action programs.

When I was in the Marine Corps, the drill instructors told us, “There is no white, black, brown, or yellow; we’re all one color, Marine Corps Green.” That ended thoughts of special treatment and we all got along.

Maybe we ought to get back to being one people: Americans.

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