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Church, state wisdom


February 7, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Our parents and grandparents were inspired to follow their conscience to support a political party and established church which validated their own immediate needs. These needs whether physical or spiritual were real for them and were brought home to their everyday lives. The political party promises as well as the affirmation of age old religious beliefs helped sustain our ancestors in times of great worry and desperation.

Today such a reliance on a past remembered political party and church affiliation, is beginning to sound irrelevant to today’s children and grandchildren’s perceived needs. Leadership is lacking in both institutions. Searching for a meaning to their lives is leading the new generations to follow many paths. Good intentions alone cannot be sustained by the reality of a country’s financial ability. Lack of historical reflection and learning from the past has led the young to repeat the mistakes of yesteryear.

A strong, commonsense discussion of issues pro and con of the past sincere beliefs of our forefathers may one day add answers to our present-day questions and bring forth leaders who can clarify our present-day needs. Rejections must be accompanied by reform.

One such way towards clarification may lie in the rereading of our Constitution and the Bible.

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