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Laugh or weep?


January 19, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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The news makes you either cry or laugh at the stupid things they say — “they” being Congress in Washington. I can hardly believe some of the things that are said. Do these people believe what comes from their own mouths?

I thought all Senators and Representatives were elected to do what is good for the country — keep our borders strong, for one thing. Admit people legally, don’t protect people that are here illegally.

In some cities and states, if you come here illegally and commit a crime, the government pats you on the back and says thanks for coming. Why? Can some people not see what has become for us citizens to be put in second place behind illegals?

Someone has to start making and keeping laws that are right for our country. Surely there are good, law-abiding people we could welcome with a job, maybe even a gift of $5,000 to get started. Then they can work, pay taxes, help out in their new hometown with our blessings. I bet that would save us millions of dollars each year.

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