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A way out


January 16, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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Dear President Trump,

Here is a lifeline to get you out of that corner. It allows you to save face, which is the most important thing, blame the Democrats and any Republicans who rub you the wrong way while you can continue to demand more money for the wall.

By the way, it also allows 800,000 government employees and an estimated 3.3 million contract workers to return to work and be paid. But ... it will require you to work with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He might not be too willing since you burned him in December reneging at the last minute on your word to sign that package to keep the government open.

Here’s the plan:

Call Mitch, promise him anything and give him your chit. (No take backs, now! Remember you’re in deep!)

He’ll bring to the floor of the Senate the bill the Republican House wrote and passed in December, and the Dems reaffirmed earlier this month.

The Senate will pass it.

You veto it! You look strong and decisive. Put out a powerful statement demanding the wall and dump tons of nasty tweets on Chuck, Nancy and the Dems.

The Senate overrides the veto. More vituperous tweets about Chuck, Nancy and their crews. Throw lots of shade their way. Go for it!

Meanwhile, back at Treasury: The gates open; money flows; the government returns to normal; people receive paychecks, and most importantly the pressure and blame are off you. You’re out of the corner, able to blame everyone else, and smelling like a rose.

Everyone wins.

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