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December Pets of the Month - Butler County Humane Society

December 18, 2018 Digital Media Exclusive

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Dog of the Month - Bambi

Our dog of the month is Bambi. She's a 10 years old Pit Bull mix who was transferred to the humane society from another facility and has been here living here ever since.

Bambi gets the VIP treatment at the humane society because she's deaf, but she doesn't let her deafness get her down. She's playful, friendly and very smart.

She loves people so much she doesn't like to see you go. And she loves to play ball.

Bambi is totally down to binge Netflix on the couch all day. As long as she's with her family, she's a happy girl.

Cat of the Month - Baddie

Our cat of the month is Baddie. Baddie is a good-natured, playful and friendly cat looking for someone to love. He's four years old.

He loves to be brushed, and he's always looking for some playtime..

Baddie wants to be the only pet in the house, so he doesn't have to share his owner.

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