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Middlesex fire department offers to drive residents to warming center

November 16, 2018 News Extra

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Richard and Catherine Cox sit at the Butler Township fire department warming station with their chihauhua, Brownie.

The warming station set up in Middlesex Township VFC is up and running but nobody has come to use the station, according to Robert Womer, the township's emergency management coordinator.

"We know there are people out there who would benefit from this but we're just not getting the word out there," Womer said.

Since power went out last night, the township has received more than 25 calls from people reporting outages, broken power lines and downed trees.

"It's not looking good out there," Womer said.

He continued, pointing at a nearby power substation that isn't receiving power, "I'm not getting good reports from the power company."

He told people who need to reach the warming station to call your local fire department and request transportation.

"We'll pick them up no problem. They just need to call."

For now, the station isn't set up for overnight accommodation but if things continue as they are, Womer will reconsider Friday evening.

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