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Noble in defeat


November 14, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I am proud of my brother. Daniel Smith Jr. ran an honest, open and transparent campaign. For the first time in District 12 history, which Daryl Metcalfe has held since 1998, Dan has come the closest of any other candidate in potentially beating him. Dan started with an idea, quite a few concerns about his local district, zero connections and zero funding to gaining over 12,200 votes to the incumbent’s 17,100.

Dan led a bipartisan voice and never defamed nor smeared the incumbent. He took the high road, which is unheard of in politics. He informed his supporters, anyone willing to listen and all constituents of all walks of life with truth, statistics and the incumbent’s extensive partisan record. Unfortunately, it was not reciprocated by the incumbent at all. It didn’t stop the incumbent himself from being terse, rude and argumentative at voting stations on Election Day. Dan and the bipartisan volunteers didn’t have one negative situation.

Dan strongly believed that local issues were ignored for far too long. This was fortified with all the local officials within the district in truly believing his character and wholeheartedly supporting him. Unfortunately, this support might hinder their needs more by the incumbent. In fact their positions might be in danger now since they actually supported a candidate who wanted to improve the district rather than toeing the party line, which the incumbent has done during his reign.

Dan took a step into a world that all of our family and friends believed would be something he would thrive in. He cares about people, loves his community and country; and still will after the dust settles.

It is a loss. But it is a strong bipartisan voice that demands to be heard and properly represented. Hopefully, Harrisburg will see these results and realize that this one man out of the 203 districts that poses as a self righteous and holy gatekeeper of all legislation into the state congress needs to be removed from his chairmanship. That, in my opinion, would be a step in the correct direction. The district will wait and watch. District 12 knows they won’t see 228 and Freedom Road expanded any time soon. But maybe that might be another talking point for Dan in the next election.

Im proud of you Dan. I love you. And being a 20 year registered Republican who still believes in you, there is literally no other Democrat I would vote for again if you gave it another go. Hold your head high and be proud of how many people you have met who understand and know you.

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