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Trump’s power trip


November 8, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I recently heard someone saying how high school sport competition has become marred by racism, threats of violence and bad behavior by not only the players, but by parents, spectators and in some cases coaches.

We do not have far to look to flnd out thereason. The leader of this country not only condones this behavior, he praises it.

Cheating on your taxes, and your wife, that is the way to go. Violence toward anyone who questions you, that is “my kind of guy,” according to Trump. Mocking victims of violence or someone who is handicapped is presidential.

Name calling, which most people outgrow by second grade, and making fun of a person’s appearance — has Trump looked in the mirror lately? — have destroyed any sense af dignity or decency from the office of president.

Trump wants two things, money and power. He longs to be like Putin, Kim and the Saudi prince, who he believes did not have a critic Killed. If only the American people would march in lockstep like the North Korean she would be happy. Some of them already do.

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