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End gerrymandering


September 25, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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The 2011 Pennsylvania electoral map contains some of the most unfair districts in the country. Pennsylvania is probably the third-worst state for gerrymandering.

Legislators work behind the scenes to maximize their influence and ensure their re-election, even though two-thirds of Pennsylvanians and a majority of legislators support reform. Some legislators can be re-elected with only 30 percent of the vote. This not fair. Large blocs of voters are disenfranchised. A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision agreed and found the practice unconstitutional. The incumbent party failed to act, so the court drew a new map, which is now in effect. This is only a short-term fix, however.

After the 2020 Census, the party in control in Pennsylvania can once again draw new maps and gerrymander.

Let’s end this practice. Know where the political candidates stand. Make your vote count. Learn more and help — visit fairdistrictspa.com, a bipartisan group seeking fairness, accountability and transparency.

Don’t let our democracy be threatened. Let’s have fair elections and have our representatives be responsible to us.

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