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District told: Emily Brittain roof 'won't last winter'

September 11, 2018 Digital Media Exclusive

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Water problems at Emily Brittain Elementary School, including a bad roof, need addressed, Butler School District officials learned Monday night.

Emily Brittain Elementary School's roof “won't last the winter,” the Butler School District board learned from a consultant at its Monday evening meeting.

Mark Follen, director of operations for the Nutrition Group, spoke to the board about an upcoming analysis of the district's list of planned capital improvements and potential additions to the list.

The group has divisions which handle nutrition services and facility management, and it will now be handling capital improvements planning and project management for the district in addition to food services.

Follen's team will be examining all of the district's buildings for its report, he said, but they have one that will need addressing more urgently: water problems at Emily Brittain.

“There is a significant amount of water coming in on the lower level of that building,” Follen said. “It's literally pouring in from the foundation wall.”

Follen said there is a malfunctioning sub-pump, some broken pipes and a bad roof to blame. It's near an addition that was made to the building, he said.

“That roof is in deplorable condition,” Follen said.

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