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Graduation was as hot


September 6, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I don’t get it. How is our school district justifying closing school early due to the temperature being too high? We have created a poor example of responsibility and commitment to our kids.

Do construction workers get the day off? Do roofers not work because it’s 90 degrees outside? Do restaurants close because it’s 110 degrees in their kitchens?

No.We do what we have to do to make a living, to pay our bills, to give our children things we never had. How can we justify closing school early because it’s too hot?

Drink water and put a fan in the classroom.There is no law against sweat. I realize it’s hard to focus when it’s hot as I sit here in traffic watching the 60-year-old man turn the sign so my lane can go. I realize that teachers and staff may be uncomfortable while I pass the Amish putting a roof on my neighbor’s house today. I pull into my driveway and my 87-year-old neighbor is pushmowing her yard. Yes, she is a little sweaty.She takes breaks. She drinks water. I yell over,“Hot day!” She waves and hollers back,“Just doing what needs done.”

It’s not our kids’ fault, it’s ours. So when your kid comes home early today and fires up the Xbox, say,“I’m sorry son or daughter, our society has failed you. Here is a trophy for putting up with our ridiculously low standards that will aid you to fail rather than succeed.”

Just hope your kids will do “What needs done,” regardless of the weather. It might rain Friday so should we cancel school now so Johnny and Suzy don’t get wet waiting for the bus?

I have attended two high school graduations with at least 1,500 people in the Butler gym on a 90-degree day. It is never canceled. We had to go inside because there was a chance of rain, leaving lots of staff, parents and elderly grandparents sitting in a 100-degree gym for three hours for each child’s 30 seconds of fame. However, it has never been canceled due to heat.

Butler High has changed its alma mater to Nelly’s song “Hot in Here.” At least graduation will be more fun. I realize this is a simple observation of a societal problem that we have created and we must fix for our children and grandchildren.

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