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Voters, be vigilant


September 1, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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With regard to George Pikoulas’ praise for Rep. Mike Kelly’s complaint against Rep. Maxine Waters for her criticisms of President Trump (“Drifting socialist,” July 27), such criticisms are very much justified.

Kelly should be concerned about what he and his fellow House members, along with the president, are doing in damage to our democracy. They have been relentless in their continuous efforts to try to destroy the rules of law in the investigation of Russian interference in our voting process.

The president continuously slanders the credibility of the pillars of our democracy. Some important ones include the Freedom of Information Act, other branches of law and the free press. He is doing so in an effort to evade any scrutiny of his past actions.

Kelly and company have made and still are making a federal case concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails in an effort to create distraction and muddy the waters to try to destroy the credibility of Robert Mueller — the Republican head of the current investigation. If Kelly believes this investigation has the equivalence of importance to the Mueller investigation, he is either purposely being irresponsible or has no sense of importance in his comparison of issues and should not be a member of Congress in the first place.

If these shady characters that include the president — some person still present in his inner circle and the ones now scheduled for trials and those scheduled for sentences — would be able to evade prosecution, then it would open the door for others of such character to be able to occupy these White House operations. This cancer would be able to spread in the future, then the majority of people would tolerate such behavior and the democracy would end.

That is why we as voters must be vigilant as to the consequences of our vote. We can debate our differences through the democratic process but let’s not be contributors to its initial destruction.

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