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Thank the unions


August 31, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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What are your Labor Day plans? I’ll enjoy the holiday with my family, not working. And this is a real thorn in the side of my state representative.

I’m not in a union and never have been. But I thank all the labor organizers and union dues payers, now and in the past, for my holiday, my sick leave, my weekends, and my 40-hour workweek. They fought for these benefits and raised the standard of living for all workers, union or not.

This really angers Daryl Metcalfe. No doubt, he’ll spend Labor Day grumbling how the holiday is a poor excuse to pick a man’s pockets. Or, in his own words on Facebook last year: “Labor Day created by unions, of course it would be celebrated by avoiding work!”

Metcalfe and his Republican colleagues have made it their mission to strip all the rights and benefits labor unions have won. Check their voting records; there’s plenty of evidence.

So if you’re taking a holiday Monday, thank a union member. And in November, vote for the Democratic candidates who have pledged to protect and support organized labor: Daniel Smith, Lisa Boeving-Learned and Amy Fazio for state legislature and Ron DiNicola, Conor Lamb and Susan Boser for U.S. Congress.

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