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Marriage Licenses

August 18, 2018 Marriage Licenses

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The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:

Jean Harris and Cory Savage, both of Butler

Quay Barnhart and Hope Vitous, both of Evans City

Seth Perry and Autumn Switzer, both of Petrolia

John Hentschel of Renfrew and Kimberly Schmook of Adams Township

Geran Kozier and Ashley Berkheimer, both of Butler

Jonathan Barrett and Alysia Martini, both of West Deer, Allegheny County

Michael Hill of Butler Township and Brittanny Foster of Beaver Falls, Beaver County

Kaitlyn Stivason of Cabot and Alan Davis of Chicora

Heath Nagle and Makayla Gilbert, both of Butler

Zachary Vasey and Kelsey Roberts, both of Center Township

Robert Himmler and Amanda Goldie, both of Penn Township

Robert Westerlund III and Christy Christy, both of Pittsburgh

Ryan Parrish and Lauren Jo Moran, both of Richland Township, Allegheny County

Kristi Lonzo of Gibsonia and Rorey McGinnis of Butler

Jessica Kowach and Graham Huselton, both of Oakland Township

Emily Smith and Jacob Ramsey, both of Cranberry Township

Mioseon Park of South Korea and Spencer McKivigan of Butler

Paul Hammond IV of Butler and Breanna Gigler of Slippery Rock

Kathleen Hampshire and Dale Holt, both of Porter, Texas

Lee Embry and Jillian Thornton, both of Alexandria, Va.

Braden Weitzel III and Carly Lazzo, both of Grove City

Raine Kundert and Barry Slater, both of Evans City

Andrew Lattner and Jessica Markowsk, both of Seven Fields

Allison Martin of Summit Township and Nathan Seezox of Butler County

Jill Moser and Donald Colangeli, both of Clinton Township

Jamie Rylands and Garrett Miller, both of Center Township

Bernard Tanski Jr. and Tracey Moore, both of Penn Township

Calen Allgood and Elizabeth Hartzel, both of commerce, Ga.

Dustin Wittebort of Center Township and Jennifer Marshall of Butler Township

Zachary Young and Nina Rossmiller, both of Butler Township

Joseph Normand of Slippery Rock and Linda Ealy of Mercer County

Donald Toth and Cynthia Shrontz, both of Jefferson Township

Summer Burchick of Penn Township and Kieran Bilginer of Edinburgh, Scotland

David Wuerger of Middlesex Township and Erinn McClain-Holt of Hampton Township, Allegheny County

Timothy Burns and Sharon McNulty, both of Jefferson Township

Donald Grossman of Clay Township and Breana Northcott of Brady Township

Shawn Allworth and Alyssa Florentine, both of Valencia

Angela Carelle and Keith Sinclair, both of Cicero, Ind.

Carole Kimmel and Gerard Nebelk, both of Nashville, Tenn.

Michael Smith Sr. of Aliquippa and Mary Weinzierl of Butler

Marissa Wehr and Michael Craig, both of Maine

Timothy Gerhold and Melissa Wilbert, both of Butler Township

Crystal Wyant and Bryan Ridley, both of Penn Township

Maria Saunders and Kelsey Lewis, both of Grove City, Mercer County

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