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Window tips over in wind, makes mess at courthouse

August 15, 2018 News Extra

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A large window that was stored against the courthouse came crashing down on Tuesday. There were no injuries in the incident.

John Campbell, the county’s director of facilities and maintenance, was stepping out into the wind as he left work at the county government center on Tuesday when he heard a loud crash.

Campbell looked toward the sound and saw one of the large tinted windows workers had been installing on the exterior walkway over West Diamond Street lying on the sidewalk and street in at least a million pieces.

Campbell soon surmised that the workers had leaned the windows against the back of the exterior wall of the courthouse when they finished their day an hour earlier, and the wind caused one of the huge, tinted trapezoids to tip over.

The window was no match for the concrete and yellow brick below.

Campbell immediately called the contractor in charge of installing the windows on the walkway, which represented the finishing touch on an upgrade on the courthouse facade.

“You’re down one trapezoid window,” he blurted out when the contractor answered the phone.

There were no injuries in the incident.

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