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August 10, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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Where are the signs alerting drivers, especially tractor trailer drivers, that the best way to get to East Butler is closed? That would be the Bonniebrook Road bridge closure. There are little orange detour signs posted, which might work for people who live in this area, but how would you know what part of the road is closed?

Coming eastbound on 422, by the time the out-of-town truck driver realizes this, it’s too late to take the detour at Jefferson Street. The only legal option is to drive to Kittanning and turn around. But most likely in a moment of panic, when they discover in the turning lane at 422 and Bonniebrook that the bridge is closed, they do such things as make U-turns in the middle of 422 or turn around in business parking lots. Witness the black marks at Widenhofer’s gas station or the ones at the turning lane at the intersection.

You would think that with all the signs PennDOT comes up with to clutter our roads with (buckle up next million miles, targeted enforcement areas) this wouldn’t be an issue.

Since shortly after this project started, I’ve called PennDot offices in Indiana and Butler, Summit Township, state Rep. Brian Ellis, Sen. Don White, and the Butler Eagle newsroom three times, to no avail. I’ve spoken to Butler County Commissioner Kevin Boozel about this. He’s been the most help.

This has been a dangerous stretch of road without this problem being added to it. People continue to make illegal turns and/or maneuvers at the Dollar General, Keck and Geibel roads. The project is supposed to be done later this month, but that’s plenty of time for there to be serious or fatal wreck. Its past time to correct this problem.

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