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Helicopter needed after motorcycles slide

July 20, 2018 News Extra

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Scrapes were visible on the side of Chris' motorcycle, but it appeared to still be rideable.

MUDDY CREEK TWP —Loose gravel caused a two-motorcycle crash Friday in Muddy Creek Township that sent a two people to the hospital, one of the motorcyclists said.

Two married couples were on the motorcycles, according to Chris Alles, one of the men involved. Alles and his wife, Roxane, slid some, but he said their accompanying riders fared worse.

Troy and Debbie Green required medical attention, Troy more than Debbie. He was air-lifted from the scene, while Debbie left in an ambulance.

The accident occurred around 2:30 p.m. Friday on Route 19 near Lake Arthur Estates.

The group was surprised to find new, loose gravel on the road without seeing any signs warning of the rocks.

A full story will appear in the Butler Eagle.

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