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Boarder dispute


July 17, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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The United States of America is my home and I am proud and forever grateful that President Trump is doing his job trying to secure our borders.

Anyone who feels that illegal immigrants should be allowed to come in without any consequences are probably the same people who have gates, and lock their doors to their own home. If someone illegally entered their home, I doubt they would house and feed them very long — if at all. They would probably call the police to have them removed.

Why wouldn't they let them stay free-of-charge, especially if they have children? It is because it is their home. It doesn't matter if they have more money or material items than the people who entered their home illegally. It is their home and people should just not enter if they were not invited. Whether it is their private residence or the United States, it is illegal.

I stated at the beginning the U.S. is my home and I want illegal immigrants stopped. No need to separate children from parents — send them all back immediately. Parents of children who willingly and knowingly break the laws are not good role models for children. Teaching your children to disobey law the is another reason children have no respect for authority.

Allowing these illegals to stay in the U.S. is a slap in the face of the immigrants that come here legally. What part of illegal do these people not understand?

I will be watching the news for when all these people who are against enforcing the illegal immigrant laws to open up their own home to these illegals. I know that won't be happening.

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