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Kelly’s courage


May 17, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I’m so proud of our representative, Congressman Mike Kelly, speaking out against the daily hate speech of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Many Americans are sick and tired of the divisive, obstructionist behavior of the Democratic Party. Impeach, obstruct and spew hateful narratives is now the political platform of the Democrats.

President Trump is working day and night to bring unprecedented prosperity to every American, no matter what race, sex or creed. When’s the last time we had a president who earnestly fulfilled his promises?

The Democrats are dwelling on Trump’s past sins in hopes of undermining his presidency. If we used that criteria in our daily lives, none of us would have a career. Could you imagine if one of the questions on your job resume was, “Have you ever done anything in your past that you regretted and/or tried to cover up?”

If the Democrats don’t end this hate-fest, they’ll be flirting with an unprecedented disaster in the midterms. Voters are beginning to associate Democrats with anti-Americanism. Higher taxes, open borders, kowtowing to the global community and overregulating free enterprise isn’t what America needs or wants. We need more representatives like Mike Kelly who are not afraid to speak out against divisive policies and rhetoric.

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